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Yoga in Southport & Liverpool

We only teach Traditional Hatha Yoga in Birkdale, Southport and West Derby, Liverpool to help heal the body, calm the mind and with weekly attendance:

Build internal core strength

Reduce general aches and pains

Relax the body & calm the mind

Improve your breathing with Pranayamic exercises

Raise your energy levels

Increase flexibility, mobility and balance

Improve sense of wellbeing with Hatha Yoga

All yogic training is based upon the Hatha Yoga & Meditation arts of Kerala, South India where I lived and trained. I also utilise the concepts of Chinese Meridian stretching and balancing with the yoga practice to aid healing, improve circulation and increase energy.

We teach all aspects of Classical Hatha Yoga from sun salutations (dynamic warm ups), pranayama (breathing practices), yoga postures (asana practice) including balancing, deep stretching routines, joint opening for hips/shoulders, inversions, spinal work, strengthening and calming/meditative poses with relaxation sequences.

Our yoga West Derby, Liverpool & Southport weekly classes are run as rolling Monthly courses for those people who want to learn properly, safely and heal themselves in the process. See our Classes page for further details.

Most general aches and pains and stiffness will improve over a course of yoga. And with regular attendance the body will gradually open up and the mind will settle. Our classes are challenging at first for those not use to moving their bodies but over time the body will react, loosen up , strengthen and heal.

We have classes to suit all levels of ability from Beginner, General upto Intermediate level.

Please call Simon Rowe on 0795 069 0978 for more information and to book your place or Email

"Your first Wealth is your Health"

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Simon Rowe is a registered member of the Independent Yoga Network (IYN) which is one of the main bodies for regulating traditional yogic teachers.

The IYN is a self-regulating Yoga Register based upon yogic principles. It is not just a list of professionally trained teachers but a rigorous bulwark against the dilution of Yoga by standardised regulation that threatens the rich diversity of traditional yoga.

Simon Rowe teaches traditional Hatha Yoga for health and healing, in Liverpool & Southport, that he was taught in Varkala , Kerala State, South India. For more information on the instructor please click About Me .

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Yoga Classes - Southport & Liverpool

Liverpool - Cornerstone Centre, West Derby Village, Liverpool, L12 7JN.
Southport - St Johns Church Hall, Birkdale, Southport & The School House, Walmer Rd, Birkdale, Southport

We have yoga classes for beginners, those with general level abilities or have done yoga in the past including intermediate practitioners requiring a more dynamic, flowing Hatha style of class.

Our West Derby, Liverpool & Birkdale, Southport classes are structured around core techniques, traditional yogic routines and fundamental postures with also a different emphasis each week covering balancing, twisting, inversions, spinal work, hips & shoulders,flexibility, breathwork (pranayama),relaxation etc.

Our classes are therefore not drop in as they are structured as a rolling monthly course, so that we can teach you properly, safely and heal you in the process.

Liverpool West Derby has a beginner to general level class with our Birkdale Southport classes ranging from beginner to intermediate levels.

Please click here to view the West Derby Liverpool and Southport Classes page for details and information on all the traditional classes we offer and location of classes.

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We teach a range of different types of meditation using Yogic and Chinese methods to harness breath and mind and bring about a deep sense of relaxation and calmness.

We incorporate the Chinese and India breathing techniques to help heal the mind, incorporate bandhas (internal locks) and simple
chanting to create vibrations to heal the body and settle the mind.

Classes are held monthly only in Southport, please see the Meditation page for further details and to book your place on this popular Southport class.

For all of these classes, including Meditation, in West Derby, Liverpool and Birkdale, Southport areas please view the separate pages on the left for further details and call 0792 9014575 or Click here to email Simon Rowe

Private Yoga

We have our own fully equipped Hatha Yoga School in Birkdale, Southport within our renovated victorian school house and can tailor any routine to suit your level of fitness and heath issues.

The School House in Birkdale, Southport can offer a local, accessible studio for improving all aspects of your mind and body. Whether to enhance your fitness, heal an injury, de-stress or for sports enhancement, we can devise a practice for you individually or as a small group.

Either private or small groups can be accommodated and priced accordingly, see link below for more details.

All equipment is provided and the full 1 hour class is taught personally by me with an attention to detail and improving a person's health and wellbeing.

Please click Southport Private lessons for further details on what we can offer for Yoga in Southport and Liverpool.

For information about Acupuncture and Chinese Massage treatments in Liverpool & Southport please click www.orientalacupuncture.co.uk or see the Other Therapies page for clinics.

*Please note if you have any medical conditions please consult with your doctor first before joining one of our classes.


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